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I admit to one genre of writing — portraying the extravagant love of God.

Writing, for me, is such joy and passion. I love Jesus and want everybody else to love Him, too.

An insatiable desire to intimately know God drew me to meditate for many years on the humanity of Jesus as depicted in the Gospel stories of His life. From this well of inspiration my greatest joy is to tell others what I glean. So far, the result has been two biblical novels and two devotionals on His life.

The Jesus I know and experience is an in-your-face, terribly humorous, wild, unpredictable, fierce and gentle, undeniably present person. He carries extravagant spiritual favors ready to give to anyone who seeks Him with their entire heart.

I write about Jesus because I wish everyone could see Him and appreciate His personality and love. What an astounding thing it is that we can know the real Jesus of the Gospels just as we can know the real Jesus of our everyday comings and goings.  I cannot think of anything better to think about. I write about reflective as well as listening prayer while living in our own expressions of love for God, and about how we can be creative in that pursuit.

My biblical studies quenched my thirst for God and I’ve never stopped learning. Early on, I prayed using my imagination with Scripture as a way to see and experience the Lord. I learned later it is a “contemplative” way to pray. In 1986, God surprised me with the revelation of Divine Romance, which is the reason for the Lord’s burning heart. Our hearts catch fire when we come close enough to His all-consuming flames.

In 1990, I joined a Christian ministry that offered silent prayer retreats and spiritual formation courses where I learned and grew while also serving in leadership for ten years. At the same time, God led me to embrace the Hebrew roots of Christianity and I became involved with a Messianic congregation (Jewish believers) and Hebraic-Christian ministries. Since 1986, my support of Israel has been as much a love relationship with the land as it is an understanding of God’s heart for His people and His prophetic purposes.

Please contact me if you are so inclined, I’d love to share God’s love with you –  [email protected]. Personal emails only.