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The Genius of Jesus

The Genius of Jesus

What is this?

I saw this bit of a plant in the grass while walking my dog yesterday.  Whatever it is, it captured my attention. I brought it home and took this close-up picture of it with my cell phone. Look at the beauty and engineering, the artwork, that went into the design of it. It goes without saying—the Creator is full of wonders and all we need to do is “see” them.

If you click on the image a couple times you can see an enlargement of it. Wow!

Do you know what this is? A flower, weed, from a tree? It blew in from someplace and I’ve never seen anything like it. Please send me an email if you know because I am curious: mmontreuil@ymail.com


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  1. Dale
    Jun 8, 2015

    Your observation about the interesting and beautifully constructed portion of a plant reminds me of the Messiah’s comments at the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount (recorded in Matthew chapters 5-7) “Consider the lilly…Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.”

    There is no one like our creator. I recall a story about an atheist who met with God and announced, “We no longer need you. We know how to create life.” God said, “That’s interesting. Please show me your method.” (As an aside, the percentage of each element in man is basically identical as the percentage of each element in the soil. In Genesis, God reports man was created from the soil.) The atheist said, “First, you take some soil.” God held up His hand and said, “Wait a minute, create your own soil.” Of course only God can create something out of nothing. Let us celebrate and honor His genius, almighty power and extravagant love.

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