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Burning Hearts for God – Community and Ministry


Come and visit the new community and ministry called Burning Hearts for God.

It is a connecting place with spiritual resources for those seeking the deeper Christian life.

While writing a new book titled The Art of Loving God, I was in the creative flow of the seventh chapter, “Cultivating the Fire” I caught the vision, seeing an extraordinary opportunity to create the Burning Hearts online ministry. I started gathering like-hearted people around me and reached out to kindred ministries to engage with.

Lovers of God are always hungry for more of Him. Our own experience with God is an inward one but that doesn’t mean anyone should go it alone. In fact, our closest relationships are our spiritual ones.

Everything about this fits!

I encountered Jesus in a life-transforming way through a Bill Bright booklet. What joy I felt when I learned Bill Bright was one of four original members of The Fellowship of the Burning Heart.

I became a listener of God the moment I met Jesus and I’ve kept a prayer journal ever since. My biblical studies quenched my thirst for God and I’ve never stopped learning. Early on, I prayed using my imagination with Scripture as a way to see and experience Jesus. I learned later it is a “contemplative” way to pray.

I am an avid reader of books about Jesus, biblical history, and spiritual formation. In 1986, God surprised me with the revelation of Divine Romance, which is the reason for His burning heart.

In 1990, I joined a Christian ministry that offered silent prayer retreats and spiritual formation courses where I learned and grew while also serving in leadership for ten years. At the same time, God led me to embrace the Hebrew roots of Christianity and I became involved with a Messianic congregation (Jewish believers) and Hebraic-Christian ministries. Since 1986, my support of Israel is as much a love relationship with the land as it is an understanding of God’s heart for His people and His prophetic purposes.

I answered the call to write for God in 1991 during a silent prayer retreat.

You can click on each book title for more information – these are listed and are for sale in the Burning Hearts for God Bookstore – with recommended books by other authors too.


After a two-year study program, I received certification in Spiritual Direction in 1992 through Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, Lino Lakes, MN. I served many years in evangelical spiritual formation ministry and it instilled in me a graceful, inviting approach in presenting spiritual truth to others. I know the importance of biblically based, Jesus-centered spiritual mentoring for those who long for “more of God” and writing is part of what I do. I’ve edited and produced a publications journal, books for self-publishing authors, and my own books. I enjoy leading spiritual retreats and sharing God’s love in group settings. I teach others about relational prayer as a lifestyle—about being reflectively aware of God’s presence and doings. I encourage people in their prayer life to listen to God, keep a prayer journal, and pursue God in their own unique ways. I believe everyone is creative and that the dynamic of “faith and art” is key to expressing one’s passion for God. “Cultivating the fire in your heart” is a topic I love to teach. I am excited for this ministry as a way for “burning hearts” to share our experiences and talents while growing in God’s love.

Here’s a link to the website: Burning Hearts for God – website

Want to join?

If you have a burning desire to participate and/or minister to others through this online forum, please let me know. This community is looking for people of prayer. We need writers for the weekly blogs, Our Journal  (a quarterly publication), spiritual mentors, and lovers of God to catch the vision and join us. Go to the website and sign up or contact me through the online form.