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I admit to one genre of writing — portraying the extravagant love of God.

My current project is THE ART OF LOVING GOD. I am really enjoying this one. Here are the chapter titles.

Content List of Chapters

  1. Above All
  2. Sensitivity to God
  3. Listening to God
  4. The Depths of Knowing God in His Word
  5. Embracing the Mystery and Contrasts of God
  6. Finding our Own Expressions
  7. Cultivating the Fire in Our Hearts for God
  8. Loving God by Creating Art
  9. Letting Jesus Be Himself with Us
  10. The Creator’s Epic Love Story
  11. Lamps Filled with Oil

I am so excited about what God has planned for His beloveds. We are nearing the climax in God’s Story.

Writing, for me, is such joy and passion. I love Jesus and want everybody else to love Him, too.

An insatiable desire to intimately know God drew me to meditate for many years on the humanity of Jesus as depicted in the Gospel stories of His life. From this well of inspiration my greatest joy is to tell others what I glean. So far, the result has been two biblical novels and two devotionals on His life. However, I’ve fleshed out stories that look nothing like the Jesus portrayed in stained glass windows. The Son of God is way too relevant for that. He’s an in-your-face, terribly humorous, wild, unpredictable, fierce and gentle, undeniably present person. The Jesus I’ve seen is not into religion or anything like it. He’s an unstoppable force of unleashed love. And He is with us all the time.

I write about Jesus because I wish everyone could see Him and appreciate His personality and love. What an astounding thing it is that we can know the real Jesus of the Gospels just as we can know the real Jesus of our everyday comings and goings.  I cannot think of anything better to think about and get passionate about. I write about listening prayer. living in our own expressions of love for God, and being creative in pursuit of Jesus.

Happy reading is to dive headlong into a transcendent experience — and I cannot think of a better ocean than the love of God. This is just the beginning of “and they lived happily ever after.” Amen.